Our Mission

The Cloudcroft Light Opera Company (CLOC) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501 (c)3 acting group organized to provide family-oriented entertainment to locals and visitors to Cloudcroft, the Sacramento Mountains and the Tularosa Basin through laughter.

Our Vision

By our 25th anniversary in 2016, CLOC will be the preeminent supporter of arts programs in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, while continuing to promote the arts through our expanded facilities, broadening programming and increased community partnerships.

Our Values


CLOC will remain committed to providing support to students of the arts through our scholarships, sustained community relations and educational opportunities.


CLOC provides opportunities and supports education to create and promote a funloving learning experience for children of all ages. Our impact is measured in the donations received from passing the hat at intermission, the word of mouth reviews and the support we receive from our broad base of followers, patrons, sponsors, volunteers and community members.

Focus on the Future

CLOC believes every child, regardless of age, can learn from a dynamic and powerful experience with the arts. These experie-nces not only help establish sense of self, but foster future lives where people understand themselves and their responsibility to community.

Our Programs


CLOC performs three different melodramas each summer in the Open-Air Pavilion located in Zenith Park. The approximately 18 shows focus larger on allowing attendees to take time away from their busy lives to have ~I~ugh at our expense. The melodramas have themes based in history with a relationship to today's societal nuances thrown in. The shows are free, with 'a hat pass at intermission, and always carry a message for children of all ages. Each show tends to take on a life of its own with ad lib, slap stick or antics playing key roles in our success. Patrons are encouraged to throw popcorn and boo the villain, heckle the cast, cheer the hero or heroine and participate in the fun.

Murder Mysteries

Each year CLOC performs one to two murder mysteries. In recent years, murder mysteries have been performed at the Cloudcroft High School with all proceeds going to a selected student organization with ties to the arts. For a minimal fee, patrons receive dinner and a show. Many attendees are incorporated into the mystery via ad lib sections or pre-planned antics. In the past, CLOC has worked with a local historic hotel to provide entertainment to visitors during slower times of the year in the mountains. These murder mysteries were written and performed by the all-volunteer CLOC members with interaction with patrons. Clues to help solve the murder(s) were provided to local sponsors to allow community businesses to take advantage of the increased tourist traffic in the village.


Since 1994, CLOC has given over $30,000 in scholarship funds to deserving graduating students from Cloudcroft, Tularosa and Alamogordo or continuing students in pursuit of an advanced degree in arts. Applicants must have participated in a school or community-sponsored theatrical or musical function or production during the immediately preceding high school year or college term. This renewable merit-based award is potentially a $2,000 4-year scholarship. All proceeds for the scholarships are obtained via the hat pass during the summer melodramas.